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We have a dream that we are stepping into the biggest awakening of the Church in history. 


We have a dream that every Christian will rise up and take their rightful authority in this nation, and the love of Jesus  will permeate every aspect of our government and society.  The division of the churches and denominational prejudice will be a thing of the past as the entire body of Christ unites in love and repentance, unified by the mighty name of Jesus. We will operate as the KINGDOM of God, together. 


We have a dream that revival will flow like a mighty river in the city of Daytona and all throughout Volusia County, to the state of Florida and throughout our entire nation, Marriages will be restored, broken families will be healed. The name of Jesus will be proclaimed louder than the sound of the cars during race day in the heart of Daytona.


We have a dream that hospitals will be emptied out because of the miraculous healings. Homelessness and poverty will no longer be an issue in our county, as all the needs are met and provided for. The orphans will have families and loving homes. Churches and homes will be filled daily and nightly as people gather to worship the name of Jesus . The Daytona International Speedway will be the only location large enough to hold everyone for community worship gatherings.


We have a dream that people will encounter the living God and He will become real to them like never before. "Sunday only Christians" will no longer exist in our area because people are surrendered in complete humility to the spiritual authority of our great God.


We have a dream that our area will be so impacted and influential in our nation for Jesus that people will come from all over the world to see what God is doing in Daytona Beach . Like a mighty furnace, they will take the spark of awakening and revival back to their home states and countries.


We have a dream, that as we humbly meet day after day, and week after week to sit at the feet of Jesus, keeping intimacy with Him our first priority, and recognizing the power of His presence, that He will change the atmosphere wherever we go. 


Your kingdom come, Your will be done God! 

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